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A Private Sanctuary

Just an hour's drive from the historic city of Chicago, nestled somewhere between the golden prairies of St. Charles and the woodlands of Ferson Creek, lies a private, tranquil oasis unlike any other... Consciously created as an escape from the noise and stresses of modern life, The Sanctuary Healing Gardens and Spa is one of the most unique and stunning properties in Chicagoland. Here, you'll find a quiet retreat from the manic, stressful pace of the outside world, a haven where inspiration, creativity, learning, nature, relaxation and healing all come together. Here in this luxurious, creative, and intimate environment, we host an array of private events - everything from private wellness retreats & weddings to mastermind group events & personal development seminars. Welcome to The Sanctuary... You have entered a world of tranquility, warmth and love.

"Like a small luxury resort..."
- Success Magazine


The Healing Gardens

Designed by world-renowned Japanese Healing Garden designer, Hoichi Kurisu, the Healing Gardens at The Sanctuary have been described as a "micro-climate for the soul". These exquisitely lush gardens were designed and created to heal and cleanse the soul... Mature, exotic tree species, roaring water features, giant granite boulders, and awe-inspiring Asian artifacts in the landscape architecture seamlessly come together to put this space in spiritual class of its own. The stone pathway just outside the kitchen sliding glass doors is the start to an enchanting, five-acre walk through the gardens and nature preserve which includes a 26 acre private wetland, and over a mile of stunning manicured paths, bridges and trails. Whether it's taking a long stroll through the gardens, picking fresh organic vegetables and herbs for dinner, finding a quite place for meditation, playing a game of tennis or having fireside chats by the outdoor fire pit, The Sanctuary Healing Gardens and Spa offers limitless possibilities to connect deeply with loved ones, new friends and Mother Nature.

"A park size garden that is so striking in both it's size and it's scope, that the Morton Arboretum has offered special tours of the grounds... It's an Oriental Eden."
- West Suburban Living Magazine


Walk Into Bliss

The property's stunning interiors seamlessly integrate the inherent healing qualities, found in the natural gardens surrounding the Sanctuary, to create a soothing and inspiring environment for the soul; the sight and sound of water and an abundance of natural light, trees, plants and flowers envelope and caress you as you move through the space... Each room has been carefully crafted for a specific purpose and the natural, healing effects are felt immediately upon entering. Anchored by a central waterfall and an enclave of lush trees, the great room features 25' high ceilings, multiple lounge and seating areas, massive contemporary works of art and roaring fire pits, which provide a sense of warmth and comfort. The giant skylights at the crest of the great room allow in golden rays from the Sun to flood the space with bright light. The Sanctuary has seven beautifully appointed bedroom suites, two media/event rooms, a full gym and spa, indoor & outdoor pools, gourmet kitchen, formal dining room and library.

"The entire first floor is designed to resemble the lobby of a resort hotel. It’s a fantastic atmosphere."
- Home Lighting and Accessories
"Everything you could ever want...; beautiful architecture and interior design, a world-class art collection, a 5-acre Japanese Garden, a sound system capable of handling a Nine Inch Nails concert – even the ability to transform the home into a dance club."
- Chicago Computer Guide Magazine

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Health and Wellness

From the moment you drive through the gates, you know you've entered a sacred place of freedom, creativity, love, reflection, rest, rejuvenation, and relaxation. People in industrialized countries spend nearly 90% of their time indoors... Therefore, a healthy environment becomes an important part of your wellness plan. The Sanctuary is a certifiable Healing Environment, offering 24-hour health benefits. Nowhere is this attribute more apparent than in the spa, which offers a world-class gym, indoor and outdoor pools, a large Jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room. Yoga, meditation, personal development and art classes are offered daily and a masseuse and private chef (to accommodate all food preferences) can also be arranged. The grounds have numerous peaceful meditation and relaxation spots, both inside and outside. The power of this feature and the serenity it imparts will revive you in a way that feels mystical. Simply put, this environment has a very unique and magical quality about it!

"'East Meets Midwest'. A unique natural haven… a huge source of pleasure, relaxation and inspiration."
- Landscape Architecture Magazine


Dining and Entertainment

The act of preparing for and serving food to the people you love, speaks louder than words... It says, "I care for you. I love you. You are worth the effort." We offer our guests a wide variety of dining experiences... everything from self-catered meals to having a private chef prepare all of your meals. The entire dining area can seat up to 25 people comfortably. With a beautiful view of the Serenity Garden, the main dining area doubles as a communal lounge, with built-in book shelves and stunning artwork that spans the length of the wall. The exterior terrace, overlooking the natural pool and roaring waterfall, is ideal for catered events and dinner parties on a large scale or simple family meals prepared with loved ones. Or maybe you'd prefer an intimate dinner for 2 at the cafe table under the trees in the great room. At the Sanctuary, only delicious, healthy, beautiful and organic fresh foods are served and can accommodate specific meals planning. The Sanctuary is certified as a house of Purity; Purity coffee, the healthiest coffee in the world, is the only coffee served.

"The whole house is turned into a lifestyle."
- WCIU – Channel 26


Tantalize Your Senses

The economic value of environments can be easily under-appreciated by someone who doesn't understand their power. If your environment is disorganized, hectic and stressful, it will have an inevitable negative effect on your mood, creativity and your performance. Likewise, if you are surrounded by beauty, inspiration and tranquility– your life will literally be more beautiful, inspired and tranquil – allowing you to be more grounded and focused. Simply put, a healthy, creative atmosphere will help you perform better, in all areas of life, personal and professional.

The Sanctuary tantalizes all of the senses. It radiates passion and creativity in the true sense of the word; visual beauty, alluring fragrance, tantalizing taste, stimulating texture and sensual sounds. The senses are a shortcut to human emotions. They’re direct. They're intense. They're impossible to ignore. And when all 5 senses are stimulated simultaneously, the results are unforgettable. Ideas and companies have been born here, fortunes have been made here. Lives have been saved here. This setting was consciously designed to stimulate all the senses. This is a fantastic place not only where unforgettable memories are made, but also where creative breakthroughs and deep healing flourishes.

"This home celebrates Life, Health and Creativity."
- Designing with Spirituality


Our Accolades

Home of the Year Award – Home Automation Association

1996 technology award (Tron-Arc) – HAA

Best Bedroom of the Year Award – CEDIA

Bedroom of the Year Award – Audio Interiors Magazine

Environmental Improvement Grand Award – ALCA

Excellence in Lanscape Gold Award – ILCA

Outstanding Achievement Honor Award – ASLA

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